Wake Up And Smell The Savings

CoffeeCard is a convenient, time efficient, and cost effective way to purchase coffee on-the-go! Get access to the city's best local coffee shops at a fraction of the price.
Launching Spring 2021.

What is CoffeeCard?

CoffeeCard is a monthly subscription service that connects coffee drinkers with a network of local coffee shops for access to exclusive offers. Through a monthly membership fee, users receive 'beans', an online currency usable towards the purchase of beverages from any of our partners at an extremely discounted price.

How It Works

Sign Up & Login

Create your CoffeeCard Profile and login to get started.

Choose Subscription

Select your membership & pay ahead for your monthly coffee fix.

Discover Local

Search for coffee shops near you with the map feature.

Order Ahead

Order ahead through your app for a simple & seamless check out process.

Sip, Enjoy, Repeat.


Our Partners

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About Us

We are a team of NYU Students backed by the NYU Stern Venture Studio Program, the Berkley Innovation Labs, the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute’s Startup Sprint Program and the Leslie E Lab J-term Startup Sprint. We want our CoffeeCard users to be able to make the daily ritual of purchasing coffee much simpler and safer through the feature of pre-ordering and pre-paying.

CoffeeCard focuses on supporting local coffee shops and vendors. We would love to connect NYU students as well as NYC residents to our partners with the hopes of them broadening their coffee horizons.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community of NYC coffee shops while simultaneously making purchasing coffee much more convenient and accessible.

Our Team

Laura Bokser

Co-Founder & CEO

Courtney Finnegan

Co-Founder & COO

Jared Levine

Chief Design Officer

Mateo Revilla

Chief Technology Officer

Aidan Fraser

Lead Engineer